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How-to and Safety
Personal Experience and Training
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Gorean Resources
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General Information Sites

Beginners Guide to BDSM

101 things you can do to make your slave feel loved
Play Partner Checklist
128 Basic slave Rules

3 Sample Contracts

BDSM Events Page

The Leather Archives & Museum

(good source of information for those with little experience)

Submissive Women Speak

D/s Kiosk
(articles, opinions, stories, poetry, personal ads, bulletin boards, chatrooms, diary entries, fine art photography, drawings and comprehensive links)

Society for Human Sexuality - BDSM
(an extensive site for information about many facets of the lifestyle)

(A non-profit support and discussion group for women with r/t experience)

(Large searchable database of BDSM sites, broken into categories)

Submissive Women Kvetch
(Jay Wiseman, author of SM101 and teacher in the field of BDSM, has established this web site as a place especially intended for the novice, heterosexual, submissive woman)

The Frugal Domme
(Shopping and home manufacturing tips)

SM Leather Community Projects
(links and information about important community happenings)

Kink Aware Professionals
(A list of psychotherapeutic, medical, dental, complementary healing, legal, financial, and computer professionals who are informed about consensual, adult sexuality by Race Bannon)

Greenery Press
(Reading for the sexually adventurous)

The Whipping Post
(Exploring the many facets of Dominant / submissive relationships)
(Dallas based site - includes a calendar of events, boy Training Class info, Master Dean's homepage and other cool *stuff*) 

Leather Quest
(by Race Bannon)

BDSM 101


Bondage Web & Fetish Central

Domestic Discipline

D/s Help & Info Pack (Newbie Pack)

House of Abductor

Master's Chambers

Sex Laws

Sexually Transmitted Disease / Safe Sex Information Links

SM News

Society for Human Sexuality


Personal Experience

@ Castle Realm
(some excellent articles on what it means and takes to be a good Dominant)

subSpace @ Castle Realm
(helpful articles for submissives - relevant to Dominants as well...)

The Master's Creed

The submissive's Creed, Rights and slave's Prayer

boy/boi Training Classes

Advice to the Novice Dominant

How-to & Safety

How to use a whip

A Boot Black's Guide to the Military Spit Shine

Healthy Breast Bondage

How to Make 3 Remote Control Sex Toys

Making Canes

Sensuous Caning


Grim's Guide to Flogging

BME Branding/Cutting/Scarring FAQ

Ponyplay FAQ

How to Use Clothespins

Knots on the Web

Roper's Knot Page

Tammad's Rope Bondage Guide

BDSM - Bondage Frequently Asked Questions

Lolita's Fire Play Page

Matchstick's Web Page
(Good instructional stuff, including how to make toys)

Places to Play


The Sanctuary For Lifestlyle Arts - Designed for comfort, pleasure, and sensual pain, it is a reflection of the open minded accepting attitude of the modern BDSM community. We are dedicated to maintaining a safe, sane, and consensual social life and play space. Building on that basic assumption they have prepared a pleasant, upscale, friendly atmosphere and facility for your use.

Academy Training Center

Fantasy Dungeon

Fantasymaker's Academy

Shadowfind - Bed & Breakfast / School

Gorean Resources

Names For kajirae and kijirus

The Challenge of Gorean Slavery

The Tavern of Stone


kajira Dreams

kajira Forum

Assorted Fun

Tammad's Stories

Lord Mikhail's Library

The Local Scene USA
(Find a group near you!)

Castle Realm

Online Slave Auction

Chat rooms -- Mailing Lists -- ICQ

(Texas mailing list)

IRC:, 6661, 6662, 6663, 6664, 6665, 6666, 6668, 6669

Different Strokes weekly chat Tuesdays @ 8pm: go to and join #ds

Magic's World
Here you will read articles and essays on Love, Swinging, Spirituality and BDSM. Includes a personals section and the IRC Channel or web chat rooms. 

Search Engines / Sites

Naughty Linx

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