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This page is dedicated to people who enjoy the eroticism and experience of BDSM.  (bondage & discipline, Dominance & submission, sadism & masochism). DallasBDSM hopes to serve as a stepping stone, a point where people can begin to explore what is available around the Dallas, Texas metroplex and beyond.   While the focus is primarily on groups and events, we have also included links to sites that sell toys, bondage furniture and accessories, and informational sites to help people expand their knowledge of BDSM.

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This calendar of events contains a listing of parties, meetings, socials, etc., for Dallas / Fort Worth groups for those interested in BDSM.  Other events outside of the immediate area may also be listed if they may be of interest to those in the Dallas area.   The calendar contains links to web pages or email addresses where you can get additional information.  If there's something we've missed, please suggest a link.

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Toys, supplies, furniture, etc.  (Many links to quality vendors, both local and in other areas).

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Stamp Out Pedophilia

The Texas Sexual Offender Database allows you to search the public records of Texas by name, city and zip code.  It provides name, location (street & zip), description, offence, age and sex of victim, date of birth, current status in the criminal system and date of offence.  (As well, I'm sure as other stuff I've forgotten).  Parents.....this is a wonderful tool.

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